I am extremely proud to say I have fully recovered from severe chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome and have broken out of family and parental narcissistic abuse.


No one could help me. But I figured out the impossible on my own and now I help others :)



I was severely ill. Around Christmas 2018 I was preparing to die (I had made a memory box about me to leave behind, I kid you not). I had been bedbound for 3,5 years. No sound - I cried when I heard cutlery. No light. No appetite. Dizzying headaches. Severe, chronic constipation for over 2 years. IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) for 6 years. I was sometimes crawling from the bed to the bathroom. I had trouble getting food and water in me. I was 40 kg, very underweight. My heart rhytm was out of whack. My hygiene and shower-routine was nonexistent. I will never forget the moment I gave up, that was when clarity came flooding in and a fire was lit inside of me. I realiezed no one was coming to save me and I would have to fight for myself.

After trying everything and being so tired of doctors making me feel even worse for years, I randomly came across Ayurveda on a podcast during the spring of 2018. I was very intrigued and read books and tried my best to implement elements from Ayurveda and Yoga into my life on my own, but I needed stronger stuff. The 21st of January 2019 I started 16 days of panchakarma (ayurvedic intensive treatment). My energy suddenly improved a few days before panchakarma started, when I started eating the prescribed food during panchakarma: kitchari. I actually digested something without any discomfort for the first time in years. Instead of feeling exhausted and foggy after a meal, I felt light and clear.

The practitioner came to my house for the treatment, I could barely open the door. The night before we started I cried because I was so scared I wouldn't be able to open the door. After one week of treatment every day, my energy skyrocketed back to normal levels! I was able to go outside for the first time in... I don't even remember. I took a taxi to the clinic for the remaining treatment. The last couple of days of treatment I took the bus! I had no muscles but my energy was back!


Panchakarma gave me an immense physical boost and the strength to go deeper in my healing. It was after panchakarma that I began to realize why I had ended up so severely ill. The real healing began after panchakarma. The reason why I got so sick is that I was under severe parental abuse (verbal, mental and emotional). Every day of my life I had been terrified, holding my breath, walking on eggshells, trying to be sweet and avoid the rages. This is no way to live, and trust me it is extremely destructive over time, it is impossible to have good physical and mental health in such an environment. Surviving what I had survived, fixing something unfixable and finding a cure to an incurable illness showed me I had immense strength and I was ready to deal with the truth. Ayurveda pulled me from the brink of death, and made me physically well enough so I could pack a backpack and bike away (April 2019), never to return.

Ayurveda made me strong enough so I could save myself and escape. Since then I've been doing deep inner healing work to free myself from the effects of the abuse and finally become myself. I now help others to feel through their repressed emotions, repair their self-image and become the person they deep down always wanted to be. I have put everything I have learnt into my course BECOME YOUR OWN PERSON.

I think a lot of people experience this: you heal one layer and think you're "done" and then suddenly there's a whole new layer revealed. But I can do it, and so can you.


I believe that every case of CFS/ME or chronic illness is different and requires an individual and multifaceted approach, however, that does not mean I was one of “the lucky few” that Ayurveda worked for. Ayurvedic treatment is always unique to the individual, an ayurvedic practitioner will not stop until they find the unique key that unlocks your health! My treatment and your treatment will be different! Ayurvedic treatment entails healing on every level; digestion, all the bodily tissues, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

My dream is to continue healing myself and help other people heal. I learnt that you CAN save yourself and you CAN heal yourself. I am not a qualified health professional, but I can share my story and and teach what I have learnt.

Summer of 2022 I'll be an Ayurvedic Health Councelor and will be open for online sessions :) In the meanwhile, you can book me for narcissistic abuse recovery and the inner work :)

Please share if you know someone who is in a similar situation!

I'm rooting for you!


I was treated by July Huang and Dr Amruta Athale at Shankha Ayurveda Clinic in Trondheim, Norway. You can e-mail them at ayurvedayoga@gmail.com (do not spam, only serious inquiries)